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The Diggings blog is a collection of news, tutorials, and explanations of the mining industry. So much of mining has, historically, relied on secrecy–from the location of gold veins to the best methods of extracting metals from the earth. We look to help create a balanced foundation for everyone interested in mining, from small scale to industrial operations. Learn more about how to use our prospecting resources from The Diggings. Better understand the process of claiming land by reading about the Bureau of Land Management. For lighter entertainment, learn about visitable locations exploring mining history and industry for the whole family in our Places of Interest series.

About The Diggings

The Diggings is a mining industry resource providing up-to-date information on mining claims for free. We are constantly working to bring clarity to the mining claim market by becoming the go-to encyclopedia of mining activity. Curious about what is happening near you? Start exploring today!