Where is Alaska?

It seems like traffic is up on The Diggings and so it is likely that more and more people may be noting a glaring omission: Where is Alaska? As one of the major hotbeds for mining activity, surely, there must be masses upon masses of mining claims to be found. The short answer is: there is.

The long answer is: there is but getting data on Alaska claims is far more complicated than getting data on claims in the lower 48. The Diggings covers public mining claim information. We source all of this through the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). While this is a federal agency, different states (or groups of states) have their own BLM presence that manages those claims according to both federal, state, and local regulations. When we source the information, it is through these smaller agencies. While rather jumbled and confusing at times, most of this data is accessible in bulk. The challenge is processing it into human friendly data. That is the whole point of The Diggings: to make public mining claim data readily available to the general public.

Please know that we are trying. When we get the data, we will have it up for everyone as soon as we can.

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