July 2016 Review

Mining claims on federal land saw a small increase over the month of July 2016. While 173 claims were staked and only 95 claims were abandoned, this is still significantly fewer than claims staked and closed in July 2015.  Interestingly, in July of 2015, though 310 claims were staked, it marked a decrease in mining claims due to the 322 claims that were closed.  This is consistent with an annual cycle in mining claim activity: new mining claims spike in the beginning of each year and the number of claims abandoned spikes in the lead up to September when the annual fee is due.  Last year, this abandonment trend had already overtaken the claiming trend by July 2015 but not in July 2016.

*These reports are summarizing mining claims on public land overseen by the Bureau of Land Management and do not encompass sales or transfers occurring on private land.

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